Improving the employee experience and boosting team morale.

Being a brand ambassador at Orange Bus, it’s our job to make OB team members working life fun, exciting and fulfilling. One of the long standing rewards in OB history is the OB one reward for team members who are chosen to be in the spotlight each week to be recognised for their hard efforts, whether it’s a client project or giving a helping hand in the office.

Making the reward worthwhile.

One of my first ideas for boosting morale and also aiding in employee rewards/recognition, was to make the OB one award actually worthwhile. It’s nice to be mentioned in the company meeting every Monday, but it’s even more satisfying to actually get something back for the hard work you put in. Therefore I designed up a Spin-to-Win board, which had 8 prizes up for grabs. As well as a selfie frame to use for social media posts or even marketing events. It’s been a huge success and the result for team morale have already started showing, and we’re resulting in more team members putting forward colleagues.

So What’s Next?

Let’s Work Together.

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